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Just a quick post to say thanks to the group...I am a news editor, so a lot of what you discuss most is out of my realm. That said, I find reading this page everyday a great way to stay a little plugged-in to what’s going on out there. And I’ve gotten a few tips, too. So yeah, thanks.
— Lauren Barnello, NYEC
The Collective has really helped my understanding of the marketplace, rates & environments at different companies and helped me expand my work options.
— Sara Keller, NYEC

First: WHY JOIN?

Why not join?!  Actually, there are a lot of reason not to join.  The first of these being: you’re not an editor.  In this case, maybe it’s not for you…But the reasons to join are even more plentiful.  First, there’s no better time to be in post production. (Like we need to tell you that.)  However, finding [the best] work isn’t always easy. And making sure that [the right] clients know you’re available is next to impossible. Right up there between carrying water in a sieve and...insert ridiculous, we-need-it-yesterday post pro request here (there are too many to choose from). 

But never fear, enter The Editors Collective!  Want to show potential clients that you’re available?  Check.  Want to easily follow favorite [or new] clients’ gigs as they post them. Relax—we got you.  Need to keep track of your copious bookings and do it in real time? Done and done.  No hassle.  No messy clean up.  And definitely no fake time.

Hey! Hey! Hey! Just wanted to thank the mighty mighty NYEC! Just got a job from the collective (sounds like Star Trek, insert nerd laugh here). You guys rock!!!!!!
— Luis Matos, NYEC

Second: How Do I Join?

New members must be endorsed by least two Editors Collective members, have a minimum of 5 years as an accredited editor in Features, Television, Commercial, Industrial or Documentary and must be approved by the Editors Collective Board. Quality of credits and technical caliber are also considered.


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