Sharp Entertainment Editorial Evaluation

It's all about making the best entertainment possible. And when a piece is well done, it doesn't matter what medium the content is shot on or where it's shown. It takes guts to make the most innovative, most creative content available. Evaluate on the quality of content produced. Rate 1-10; 10 being the best.
This is a business after all, and being compensated in a timely manner (or at all) is big part of the job. In a freelance industry, this can make or break a professional relationship. Who pays on time? Who pays the kill fee and who doesn't? Evaluate on the promptness and consistency of payment. Rate 1-10; 10 being the best
The rate for a editor, depends (as is should) greatly on the editor. But that doesn't it mean it's consistent from company to company or even project to project. Evaluate on the rate offered.
The business of being creative is a tough nut to crack. It's often expected that editors consistently work long, hard hours. As defined by the US Department of Labor, a standard work week is 40 hours. Evaluate on the weekly hours expected as compared to those standardized by the US Department of Labor.
Cleanliness and facility upkeep greatly impacts those who work within it. A proper workspace that's designed and built to create, complete with ergonomic chairs, monitors at appropriate level, sound proofing, and all the proper editing hardware, are all important factors in producing the environment necessary to create media. Evaluate on facility maintenance and overall professional appearance.
With advances every year (months, sometimes), its hard to keep up. Which is why companies who strive to stay current with their software and hardware are more desirable to those who work there. Evaluate on the state of hardware and software that run the edit.
A knowledgeable technical support staff is paramount to any post production team. With more computers comes more problems, and having the right people employed to handle the glitches (and usually more) is of the utmost importance. Evaluate on the effectiveness and efficiency of the tech support
Post Production is most certainly a team effort. Without proper support staff, the edit can take much longer and be much more difficult than it should be. A company that can provide a great staff of assistants and support staff is one worth working for. Evaluate on the level of support staffed on the production.
Proper time management is key to producing quality programming. Allocating proper time to allow for creativity and nuance can make a huge difference in the final picture. Evaluate on scheduling, deadlines, and overall time management.
Sometimes there's just a vibe that permeates and creates a fulfilling work setting. It's a good environment; good people; great projects; and just a great place to work. And, given the opportunity, you'd be back in a heartbeat. Evaluate on your probability to return.
Some things don't fit in to a category. This is the catch-all for the rest of your compliments/complaints. The more information we give them, the better the understand where they stand. Let it out!