Kyra Coffie

Kyra has been cutting for 16 years.

Kyra has been cutting for 16 years.

What are you currently cutting?


Where did you grow up and when did you decide that you were an editor?

I grew up in Washington, D.C and I decided I was an editor in 2000 when I decided I liked air conditioning versus being in the field shooting stuff to edit. (I learned how to edit in the Army.  If you were in the Army, you’d be an editor too!)

What was your first cut?

Ummm, NEW YORK GOES TO WORK for VH1? I think. I can’t keep track of that stuff! 

What’s one thing you’ve seen in the past 5 years that’s influenced something that you’ve cut?

Casino Royale

Who gave you your first break? Who’s one person you owe thanks to for getting you to where you are now?

Anthony Zaldivar.  He’s created a system that allows promotion of assistant editors to editors and that is where I made the jump.

How did you approach your career trajectory?

There wasn’t a path. I took jobs as they came along and now I’ve got a wealth of knowledge under my belt that lets me cut almost anything.

What’s the most important thing you put into your projects?

Music and SFX.  They are the literal icing on the cake to every cut I work with.  Drives me nuts when I don’t get to put in everything!

When approaching a scene, what’s your process?

I like to string everything out and do a radio cut to see how it flows.  Then I’ll dig through the raw material to see if there are any other nuggets that deserve to be included.  Despite the non-linear editing system, I work very linearly by going from beginning to end adding music, sfx, and cutting the video.

What’s your degree in?


What do you look for in a good AE?

What a loaded question! If they follow the tenets of my book, then I’d say that they are a good AE. :-) A great AE doesn’t cut corners, wants to learn and knows how to figure stuff out without a lot of hand holding.

The one project you’re most proud?

Show for National Geographic called OUR WORLD.  It was a semi-formatted show that teaches kids how to speak English.  I like knowing that when I’m worm food, something good came out of my career other than entertaining people.

Stock Music Libraries?

This isn’t a serious question, is it?

Match Frame key?

Today it’s F3

Mouse, Tablet or Track Ball?


Sitting or Standing?

Sitting on an exercise ball

FCP, Avid, or Premiere?

Avid all the way

Mac or PC?


Easier to Cut: Comedy or Drama?


Childhood Inspiration?

I accidentally fell into the industry so I’ll say THE MUMMY since that is my favorite movie

Dream project?

Any of the BOND films